How to do Business With Us

Do you have questions about contracting or commissions? Contact Starla Hartless at 865.684.1030 ext. 100 or email For more information about your options, contact our sales department at 865.684.1030 today!


PROPOSAL REQUEST FORM: Do you have a meeting scheduled to make a presentation before the group's decision maker? Don't show up empty-handed! Request a proposal today. Most of our proposals are generated the same day and all requests have a 24 hour turnaround. If you need one sooner, we cater to last minute requests!

To request a proposal, please fill out our proposal request form (here) and fax it to 865.684.1035, or contact our sales department for more information!

NEW GROUP SET UP FORM: Now that your presentation is over and your group is on board, it is time to set up your group! Complete our Group Set Up Form (here) with all of the information we need to set up your group efficiently and effectively, and fax it to 865.684.1035 today!